MakeXHTML.Com provides fast, high quality conversion of graphic Web design into HTML and its extensions, as well as skins / themes / templates for various engines. We accept source files in all common formats, including PSD, PNG, AI, and even HTML (existing markup).

The order page contains markup packages and a full set of markup options with exhaustive descriptions.

Project Workflow

The diagram below represents the typical workflow for each project.

  1. When a client places an order, sales team passes the order to a project manager. The project manager makes sure the order has all required information (descriptions, attachments). Project manager may ask the client to submit additional information, etc.
  2. If requested, client sends all the required additional info to the project manager.
  3. The manager prepares the order and passes it to a markup-specialist.
  4. The markup-developer receives the order and studies the requirements. This may result in questions to the manager.
  5. After the markup is done, the markup-specialist passes the result to the markup QA-team.
  6. The QA-team tests the markup thoroughly in all of the supported browsers. This may result in fixing requests to the markup-specialist.
  7. Once QA-team approves the mark-up it is passed to the project manager and project manager sends it to the client.
  8. If the order includes implementation, project manager sends the markup to the Development Department. The Development Manager assigns the implementation task to a developer.
  9. After the implementation is completed the order is passed to the development QA-team.
  10. When the implementation is ready, the project manager is notified, who delivers the final product to the client.

Money Back Policy

MakeXHTML.Com guarantees to give you a refund for the following reasons: